Christmas Product Placement!

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Christmas is fast approaching, the Coke ad is rumbling across our screens, John Lewis and M&S are vying for our Christmas cash and Sainsbury’s has everything we need for dinner!  Do you think one day they will use their blog to promote Chatelaine or Total Laundry?  Well, we can only hope!  A sure sign of Christmas for us here at the laundry is the arrival of new stock.  We have a selection of unusual baubles that will look good all year round, honest! Surely I am not the only one to keep the fairy lights on the mantelpiece in the summer just because they look good?

Christmas is a time for family and if your loved ones are descending on you this year, don't let the extra laundry overwhelm you!  Bring it to us here at Total Laundry in Chichester and we will be like the Christmas Fairy and turn it back in to fresh, clean and beautifully folded items.  And what's the perfect gift that just keeps on giving? why, it is our laundry gift vouchers. Treat someone you love to getting their smalls (or larges) done! It's what you buy for the person who has everything!

Christmas aside, we have some lovely new items available online.  Have you seen the Amelia table runner?  It is an exquisite piece of lace that is so versatile.  I am going to wear one at my forthcoming wedding, but hush, that's a secret!  We also have Corintha, a beautiful bedspread.  The soothing lilac/mauve colourway perfectly complements the other colours in your room. In other words, it looks really nice and is quite the 'in colour' this season!

Enjoy the Christmas Shopping everyone!

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