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New Season! Ok, all you lovely B&B and holiday cottage owners, you have had a great Summer season, slow to start but once the weather picked up so did business! Now we are in a new season, bookings may begin slow, so it’s a great time to take stock of your business. Is your linen the best it can be? Have you spent a fortune on high end domestic linen that is not wearing as well as you may have thought? Well chaps, you are running a professional, commercial business, so you need to use professional products and bed linen and towels are a case in point. There is a reason why hotels use specialised linens, ones that look and feel expensive but are constructed in a way to withstand constant use and laundering. Not to mention saving housekeeping’s time by not faffing with buttons on a duvet cover! Always use hotel linen on your beds and hotel style towels that don’t shrink. The guests don’t care if you have bought high end store's bedding, in fact those in the know may actually question why you are spending so much on a sheet or towel? We sell hotel linen and towels in lots of different styles and weights.  We can even order it in, check it and wash it for you, so it’s ready to go on the bed.

Save time and money and buy the right product for the job. – If you need help in choosing the right linen, contact us we are always happy to help.

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