After Easter

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So, now we are all stuffed and sick of the sight of chocolate (how can that be possible??) Time to start thinking about revamping your bedroom.  The warm cosy cocoon of winter starts to feel a wee bit oppressive in these light, early mornings and longer evenings.  Now is the time to think of billowing lace curtains filtering the morning sun as it gently wakes you from your slumber.  Ok, it was your other half snoring in your ear that woke you, but there is no harm in dreaming!

The lovely sunlight makes us all feel that little bit better but it also shows up the grubby wallpaper and not so great paint work and that crack in the ceiling you've watch grow over the years. So if you are finally going to get round to tarting up your bedroom, don't skimp and do half a job, invest in some great bed linen too!  Cotton, is always a classic, it is hard wearing and washes well and if you don't live near Chichester and use Total Laundry to wash it for you, the tip for ironing cotton is to do it damp.  Once it is dry, you on a hiding to nothing!  Go for a percale finish, this is the smoooooth finish you find on good quality linens (we sell them of course!) It feels divine against your skin, especially in the warmer weather.

White bed linen is fresh and practical as you can team it with colourful throws and cushions to ring in the changes as the mood takes you. Check out some of the stunning throws we have for sale and coming soon we have some more quilts from the very talented quilt designer, Phillipa Smith.

So even if the will to decorate has deserted you by the time you get to B&Q and you would much rather spend time with a G&T instead and your poor boudoir is left neglected for another year, you can still revamp your room with some of our fab bed linen and all from the comfort of your own armchair! Happy shopping everyone!

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